Keynote:   Paul Greenwood is the lead prosecutor of San Diego’s District Attorney’s Office Elder Abuse Prosecution Unit. After completing his bachelor degree and legal studies in England, Mr. Greenwood worked as a barrister of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Greenwood was admitted to the California Bar, under which he became a prosecutor in 1993. Since starting his current position in 1996, Mr. Greenwood has prosecuted over 600 cases of Elder Abuse. He has been the featured speaker at countless events, and he has been featured on both CBS’ “Eye on America” and NBC’s “Nightly News.” Mr. Greenwood has been the recipient of many awards, and he was inducted into the Elder Right’s Advocacy Hall of Fame. In his spare time, Mr. Greenwood travels the country educating the public and professionals on how to both protect against and prosecute elder abuse.

Guest Speaker: Sandy Markwood


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 Bank of American Fork

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Karen McMullin: is the Investor Education Coordinator for the Division of Securities, and also manages the Stock Market Game Program for Utah Educators and students. Karen is a Weber State graduate, a former school teacher and has been with the Division since 2002.  She has been instrumental in the dramatic increase in Investor Education events offered to the public in recent years.  

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